Our Amazon Store Deals

We welcome you to visit our store on Amazon!

We understand how convenient it is to shop on Amazon if you are already an registered member, we also understand you want fast shipping that comes with it! That's why we want to make it accessible to you on the platform other than our brand website. 


When there is a campaign going on, a special dates, or whenever we feel we want to give some monetary value to our fans(especially those starving artist or college student that spent all the money on tuition, just kidding), you can find DISCOUNT CODE here.

Coupon codes will be listed below with expiration date:

NEW store grand opening discount - Up to $80 OFF on our board set - Valid till May 31st 


If you have any questions about our coupons, or want to know when is our next discount event, feel welcome to find us on instagram. Our social media staff would be glad to talk to you and give you some useful information(ONLY you, and no one else).  You can also subscribe to our news letter to keep up with our educational blogs on SUP, deals and things going on in SUP community. We promise we won't spam you, you will only receive 1 email per month from us!