6 Reasons You Should Consider Inflatable Paddle Board Even If You Are a Big Fan of Hard Boards

Different seasons offer new and unique experiences for outdoor activities, and we believe that inflatable paddle boards are ideal for this new season. Thanks to new technological advancements, inflatable paddleboards now also offer an exceptional level of performance compared to hard boards.

Inflatable SUP boards have made paddle boarding the quickest developing water sport in the world. This article discusses six reasons why you should consider an inflatable paddleboard even though you like hard boards.


The term "inflatable" conjures up images of inflatable paddle boards that aren't as sturdy as hard boards. This is a major misunderstanding.

If a hardboard encounters sudden slips on the rocks and debris while in the waterways, it may result in holes on the hardboard. These fractures become very costly and difficult to repair because they require trained personnel.

This is not an issue with inflatable paddle boards, as a collision with rocks will cause very little damage. The military-grade PVC material used to produce inflatable/ blow-up paddle boards has greater toughness and is very difficult to break or destroy. The inflatable paddle comes with a very easy to repair kit that makes the repair of minor wear and tear on the board easy and faster.

If you are going for your activities on the white water where there are many rocks, the inflatable paddle will not likely be damaged. Despite that, you need to be careful since it can hurt you.

It's also critical to properly check on your inflatable paddleboard, as they can last for years if done correctly. It is recommended to keep them out of direct sunlight, clean them with fresh water and let them dry fully.

They are easy to store

The ease with which inflatable paddle boards can be stored is one of the major reasons for their popularity.

After using your inflatable paddleboard, you just need to deflate it, and because it is smaller than a backpack, it can be stored in a basement, shed, or any other area of your home. On the other hand, hard paddleboards require special storage in the shape of a board rack that might take up a lot of room. Most boards are 10ft long or more.

Inflatable paddleboards are ideal for folks who have limited storage space. If you live in a flat, a modified van, or a house with a small capacity, an inflatable board is designed for you.


Inflatable paddleboards provide access to a whole new world of excitement, discovery, and flexibility. If your sights are set on something nearer home, they are simple to transport to a lake or beach for a group day out. Since inflatable paddle boards are lightweight, they can be easily used to explore any remote area compared to hard boards.

 Inflatable paddleboards can be folded up in a backpack in seconds. They're small enough to fit in the trunk of your car or in the train. They can be inflated up to 20 PSI in a matter of minutes, and you'll be able to explore the shoreline or surf some waves. They fit in a closet and don't take up too much space in your storage.

 Inflatable paddleboards are here to ensure you have unique moments while exploring nature. Plan for a hike to any convenient rivers, lakes, or coastline with your inflatable board on your back.

Easy for oversea use

Are you planning to travel abroad and worried about what will happen to your inflatable paddleboard? An inflatable paddle board will save you cash, effort, and a lot of pressure if you wish to take your board internationally.

Hard boards are highly expensive to fly with, but an inflatable paddleboard can be stuffed into a pack or carrying bag and checked as luggage. If you travel with your inflatable board, you will save a lot of money and get to enjoy paddling wherever you are.

As paddleboarding gains momentum, so does the urge to make them lighter and smaller to ensure people find it easier to travel with them. The industry is in gear to develop new models that are easy to carry and handle just like hand luggage.

Compatible for the entire family

Family entertainment does not have to stop with summer. The inflatable paddle boards are very light, making them suitable for kids compared to heavyweight hard boards. When the inflatable paddle boards are inflated to the right PSI, they become compatible with any family member.

Inflatable paddleboards are wide, thick yet light, making them more stable in any water state, whether smooth lakes or white water rapids. Because of their stability, they are suitable for paddlers of all levels and skills and may be used for various activities such as SUP yoga, fishing, racing, white water paddling, and SUP polo.

If you are still a little shaky on your feet, then don't be worried. This is because inflatable paddle boards have a lot of protective ability for anyone. Therefore, if you slip and fall, you will not injure yourself or anyone else who might be on board with you. This also makes them more pleasant to walk on or kneel or sit down on.

It's friendly to pets

Inflatable paddleboards are a great option for folks who enjoy SUP with their pets. Inflatables provide more stability for our pets because they're not as slippery as hard boards. Your dog's paws will readily grip an inflatable SUP board, and scratching will not be an issue. An inflatable paddle board's steadiness ensures that you won't fall in the water if your dog moves abruptly.

Because inflatable paddle boards offer a higher weight capacity, you may bring an extra pet to rest at the tip of your board and enjoy the moment while you do all the work.


Based on the reasons stated above, we hope you got to see why you should consider an inflatable paddleboard even if you are a big fan of hardboard. Whether you want a traveling board for exploring, a racing board for sheer speed, a surf-specific design for carving the waves, or an all-rounder to do it all, an inflatable paddle board got you covered.























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