Return And Refund

Cancellation:  Customers can cancel orders anytime before we arrange shipments. For customers who wants to cancel orders before product arrives but after the product was shipped. We may charge you for the shipping cost, and refund the rest in full. 

On the other hand, in the case of  a serious product issue(that cannot be used) within our 1 year warranty, we will issue a FULL REFUND.

For minor issues(that does not affecting its use) please contact us through email(preferred) at Our staff will assist you within 1 business day. We may issue replacement, partial replacements(we will cover the shipping cost) or partial refund. 

All refunds will be issued and completed within 7 days.

We want our customers to  enjoy a worry-free experience!


Service process:

Step 1: We receive an email from customer regarding order/product issue

Step 2: We gather evidence and order information(within 1 business day after initial customer email)

Step 3: We confirm the issue with customer along with a solution((within 1 business day after customer send us all the information in step 2)

Step 4: We process shipment or refund with in 1 to 2 business days

Step 5: We email customer shipment tracking code and estimated shipping time/We inform customer issuing or refund with date and amount and confirm with customer if additional assistance is needed 


Please have your:

1. Order ID

2. Proof of issue(including board serial number near the back fin in the form of video)

3. Shipping address and phone number 

ready when contact us. So we can speed up the service process for you!