SurfStar Affiliate Program

Inflatable Paddle Board Affiliate Program


We currently accepts affiliates for both our Amazon Store and Web Store. 


1. If you are already an amazon affiliate, please feel welcome to reach out to us.

We welcome you! We will pay you extra commissions besides the commission you are already getting from Amazon for promoting our product. Just let us know!



2. If you are not an amazon affiliate, and want to promote for us on your own social media account, website, or offline, we also welcome you.

We are open to all collaborations, such as KOL, blog, Youtube,or word of mouth etc. We will pay you a commission for any board sold through you. 



Once you are ready,  please make sure reach out to us at and asking for more details to get started!



Our social media accounts:







Why become an affiliate for us?

1. We are a growing brand that will launching new products each year.  We are the pioneers in paddle board business. 

2. Our boards come with extra beneficial features compared to other brands in the price range of 300USD. We have gotten lots good feedbacks from customers!

3. Our product is fairly priced, but our product category is high price item, that means high commissions. 

4. We care about our affiliates and will do our best to support you.

5. Free gifts are available  if you are our affiliate! 



More About Us

SurfStar has been offering fans inflatable paddle board around the world for more than a decade(very long time consider the sport got its popularity in recent decade), so we know how to craft the best board for our customers. 

This year we are growing a lot through different partners and expanding our product line and upgraded lot features on our board.


We are looking for long term partners to grow with us in this journey and share our success. For affiliates that has been working with us for more than 1 year, feel welcomed to ask us for higher commission rates!