About Us


Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Company

SurfStar  has been offering inflatable paddle boards to customers all around the world since about a decade ago.

Our designers are hand-selected from the top of sports product design industry who are also fans of the sport. Our boards are slightly different than other boards. We design our boards to make sure they are more stable, tacking better and with quality accessories.

Our brand’s core value is to build trust with our users through good experience, meanwhile promoting SUP (Stand Up Paddle Boarding) as a sport/hobby for more people.We want to give them a better option to try and enjoy paddling, get back to nature, bond with family, explore with friends and much more.

SurfStar is proudly a US brand which took root in 2013. We care about our customers’ experience with our products and brand. We want to engage our sport’s community, encourage people for a healthier lifestyle and think more about our environment.  SurfStar is excited to start this new journey with both experienced and beginner paddlers!


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