How Do SurfStar Boards Compare To Other Boards In The Market?

If you are looking for a quality stand-up paddle (SUP) board, you have probably come across SurfStar, Roc, SereneLife, and iRocker boards. But which one is the best? In this article, we will compare SurfStar boards to these three brands. We will compare things like price, performance, materials, available sizes, and reviews to help you make an informed decision.

SurfStar vs Roc Boards

Roc boards are a well-known brand of SUPs. They are most known for their inflatable, 10-foot boards. One thing you will notice when comparing SurfStar to Roc is that they both offer inflatable paddle boards that fit into backpacks. The prices don't differ too much between the two brands. SurfStar boards that are around the same size are $100 less than Roc boards—SurfStar Boards cost $299 while Roc boards cost $399.

However, even though they are both quality brands, SurfStar boards have much more variety. Roc boards only make one model. Roc boards only offer 10-foot boards that are all similar. SurfStar boards offer a variety of sizes and models to fit your needs. For example, they have inflatable SUPs that are great for paddling on lakes, rivers, and calm ocean water. They also have high-performance boards for professionals and advanced paddlers that are used for racing or touring.

Another thing these boards have in common is a board purchase comes with everything you need, including a board, pump, paddle, carrying bag, fins, and a leash. The Roc board also has a unique add-on, a comfort cushion seat, that customers can purchase if they want to sit while paddle boarding.

Although these boards have many similarities, SurfStar boards have more boards that fit a variety of activities while they are also more affordable than Roc boards, making them the obvious choice for anyone that wants variety without spending too much money.

SurfStar vs SereneLife

Another common type of inflatable paddled board on the market is the one made SereneLife. SereneLife boasts boards that are a bit more expensive than SurfStar, even though both brands have similar boards. The price difference is about $10 when comparing each company’s baseline board; however, SereneLife's baseline board is 10' while SurfStar's baseline board is 10' 6". So when it comes to the length of the paddleboard, SurfStar gives customers a longer paddle board for a cheaper price.

These boards also both claim to be especially durable. For example, both boards are made of durable materials. Though SurfStar does have a slight edge when it comes to durability because SurfStar boards have triple sidewalls while SereneLife's boards only have a double sidewall. This means SurfStart SUPs can stay afloat if you hit a rock or something sharp. Paddlers on SurfStar boards can have more confidence in the durability of their bords.

SurfStar also has more paddleboard options for purchase compared to SereneLife. SurfStar has four options including two 10' 6" models great for general paddleboarding, an 11' 6" model ideal for touring and intermediate paddlers, and a 12' 6" professional model for advanced paddlers. On the other hand, SereneLife has two options that are very similar 10-foot models.

Both SereneLife and SurfStar SUPs have bungee cords attached to the boards to hold gear, but SurfStar has bungee cords attached in the front and back compared to SereneLife only having them in the front. In addition to more storage space, SurfStar has three handles instead of just one.


SurfStar vs iRocker

iRock is an established brand in the SUP market, and they have been successful in making a name for themselves. They are most notably different than SurfSup and other brands on this list because they offer inflatable and solid paddleboards.

They have more options than SurfStar paddleboards. They have inflatable SUPs that range from 10' to 12' 6". These boards are good for all kinds of activities including learning to paddle board, touring, yoga, and fishing.

One of the most unique models is called the Blackfin, it is designed for fishing. This board has the option to attach a fishing rack to hold a cooler, tackle, fishing poles, and other fishing gear. It also has an anchor attachment so fishers can stay in one place while fishing. It also has a non-slip deck to make sure anglers stay on the board even when wet.

However, all these features come at a cost. The price of the Blackfin is significantly more than SurfStar boards. These boards and attachments cost over $1000, making them the most expensive board on the list. Plus, these features can actually be DIY-ed.

SurfStar boards have many of the same features like a nonslip deck, storage space, and reinforced d-rings for securing cargo, but SurfStar boards are a fraction of the cost. SurfStar and iRock boards also have certain boards that are both 10' 6" long, 33" wide, and 6" thick, so the boards are very similar but very different in price.

Even SurfStar's most expensive board, the Ocean&Blue 12' 6" Pro board is cheaper than almost all of iRocker's boards while offering a narrower design, meaning this board can go farther, faster than any iRocker board.

Though each of these boards has unique aspects for specific activities, SurfStar offers more affordable boards, narrower designs for long paddleboard trips, and tough enough to stand up the elements and obstacles in the water.

Standing Out from the Competition

SurfStar SUPs are a great deal. They come with all the necessary equipment, they're made of durable materials that last longer and have more size options than other brands. If you are looking for an inflatable paddleboard, SurfStar can be a good option for you.


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