Top 10 SUP Countries in the World

You have probably landed here searching for an excellent platform for saddle-up boarding activities. However, there is more to having fun with the family when saddle boarding, especially choosing the correct location. You have to use an informed process to choose an excellent location for your needs.

Fortunately, this guide identifies a few top locations you can go to with the family:

1. Islands of the Caribbean

The islands of the Caribbean are as close as the earth gets to even. Reason? The islands make up one of the best places to enjoy spending time outdoors.

It offers access to excellent views, where you can paddle and have lots of fun in the water. The island is also home to over 7,000 unique islands, ensuring you can always find a suitable location to have fun.

From your paddleboard, you will enjoy excellent views of the Caribbean and the abundant marine life in the area. Also, look out for wildlife forms such as turtles, stingrays, manatees, and iguanas.

Consider booking a SUP tour because it's an excellent alternative you can use for exploring the outdoors. The Caribbean also makes up an ideal location for those who want to experiment with SUP yoga.

2. Netherlands

You can also take your paddleboard through the tulips and windmill fields as you explore various locations in the country. Thanks to the country's several lakes, rivers, and canals, you have access to an appropriate setting for SUP activities. The ideal time to visit the country is the summer or spring months.

When the country produces many tulips and becomes a sea of various unique colors.If you are adventurous enough to explore the waters during the cold months, ensure you get the right gear. The reason is that weather temperatures in winter tend to be freezing.

Therefore, consider paddleboarding over the Amstel River because it will provide excellent views of Europe.

3. Hawaii

With over 15 islands where you can paddleboard, Hawaii is also home to an excellent environment for SUP activities. Get on your board and enjoy SUPing through lively coral reefs and calm bays. As you enjoy spending time in the clear blue waters, consider taking time to view wildlife such as whales and turtles. Hawaii is genuinely an excellent place you would want to spend time paddleboarding. It's why paddleboarding started in Hawaii, and remember to visit the famous Secret Falls in Kaui.

4. Banff, Alberty

Albert is home to one of the best national parks globally, with a good example being the Banff National Park. It's surely a fantasy destination for any savvy SUP enthusiast. The region is also an exceptional home to several lakes with varying colors to make it serene. If you want a picturesque paddle on lakes, consider Lake Louise, Peyto Lake, or Moraine Lake. When you paddle out, ensure you visit the shores to enjoy spending time with bald eagles or grizzly bears.

5. Bali Indonesia

Famous for being the island of Gods, Bali is another excellent destination for SUP activities where you can also nourish your spirit. It's home to various attractions, including lagoons, which are perfect for SUP enthusiasts. A body of water is perfect for any level of SUP skill you might have.

You can also have fun on the perfect rolling waves often common in the morning. Or, you can spend time in the crystal-clear waters home to various ancient temples. Regardless of your skill level, Bali is an excellent place to have fun outdoors.

6. Thailand

Thailand has the southern islands, which are perfect for SUP activities. Consider exploring the rich lagoons and caves that are home to friendly monkeys. Though some of the islands are hot spots for tourists, you can also visit remote beaches as part of your outdoor activities. Regardless of the region, you want to explore, you are sure SUP trips will be full of fun and various excellent locations you can explore. Remember to bring your snorkel gear on your trips for even more fun.

7. Italy

Once you visit the Colosseum, ensure you take time to visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The reason is that it provides one of the best places for you to enjoy Italy like you never did before. In Venice, consider traversing the canals on your paddleboard and getting through different types of water. The canals are small, so you are sure of finding various unique locations where you can have fun with the family. Once you visit Venice, consider traveling to Rome to check out the Tiber River.

8. The Fjords of Norway

The Fjords of Norway provide an excellent destination for SUP activities. Found in the Western section of Norway, the fjords are perfect for any paddleboarder who wants to have fun outdoors. The waters are excellent, especially in the regions that provide scenic views of the snow-capped mountains. If you want to enjoy the most of this region, consider reaching out to fjord, Nærøyfjord with your family. Expect to come across roaring waterfalls and towering mountains.

9. The Bahamas

If you want a tropical region to enjoy paddleboarding, consider the pink sandy beaches available in the Bahamas. The region boasts over 2,000 miles of coastline, where you can have fun with your family with your SUP. One of the best locations to visit is Staniel Cay, and it's home to several fun locations you have fun with your family. Plus, each of the SUP regions in the Bahamas is home to diverse ecosystems and marine life.

10. Florida Keys

Take time to visit the southern tip of Florida, so you can have fun exploring the outdoors. The Florida Keys are excellent for when you want to get the most out of the USA and enjoy time with various forms of tropical life. The region is also famous for being home to various types of marine life, thus making it perfect for those that want to explore the outdoors. Other activities you can also try include SUP fishing or paddle boarding through different locations in the city.


As you have seen, having fun with your SUP requires an informed approach, especially on the best locations to consider. The reason is that SUPs are excellent for when you want to explore the waters safely with your family. Ensure you carry the right gear on your trips to these locations.

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