Top 5 SUP Media You Can Follow When Starting To Get Into Paddleboarding

If you’re totally obsessed with paddleboarding like we are, we bet you'll want to know all about the best SUP media that’s out there. As a beginner paddle boarder, keeping up-to-date with the latest SUP media will help you learn even more about this amazing sport. Whether you like to scroll through websites, read magazines or listen to podcasts, there is something out there for everyone. The different SUP media outlets can be great resources for tips, tricks, advice and news as well as inspiring and motivating interviews with the pros. Here is a list of our top 5 SUP media picks.


Co-founders Reuben Ellis and Will Rogers launched this online magazine in 2012 as they were frustrated by the lack of online media available for SUP. SUPboarder is now the world’s most read and trusted paddleboard magazine and is written by passionate experts in the field. The website has over 3000 pages of free features, reviews and news, although you can also pay for a premium subscription service which will grant you access to even more content and expert support. The website itself contains an array of articles and videos so you can enjoy the media whichever way you like. There is also specific sections for different types of paddleboarding such as touring & exploring, surf, race and flat water so you can access the content that really appeals to you. Other content areas include equipment & reviews, techniques & tips, travel & inspiration, opinion & column and adventure & lifestyle.

SUP Connect

Sup Connect is the place to go for industry news. Started back in 2007 as My Local Lineup, the website was rebranded as SUP Connect three years later. The website is a fantastic digital resource for reviews, news, events listings and advice. You can also sign up for their weekly newsletter which will be delivered straight to your inbox, making sure you never miss the latest posts. The website also gives awards and sets up competitions, so there is a real sense of community on this website that we love! The website is contributed to by a number of industry professionals and you can see all their information on the contributor’s page. The site is up-date and well-informed, so definitely a go-to for someone that’s just getting into paddleboarding.

SUP International

SUP International is a publication from the UK that was founded in 2008. Although it is a UK publication, it is also available worldwide. The main focus of the magazines is incredible photos that are set in gorgeous locations around the globe. The magazine is published four times a year (spring, early summer, mid-summer and autumn) and you can get your hands on the magazine in both print and digital formats. If you want a print version, the magazines are available at several stockists around the UK. Alternatively, you can purchase the digital version from Magzter. The magazine also has a website which contains loads of great resources, videos and articles about paddleboarding – this is great for beginners as a source of advice and guidance!

SUP World Mag

Although this magazine is only published once a year, it is definitely deserving of a place on this list. Kayak Session Publishing are responsible for this annual special issue, which is particularly focused on SUP newcomers and recreational paddling. The 2021 edition has a special focus upon paddling adventures around the world, including countries such as Germany, Namibia and Canada. If you would like to read this magazine, you can order a print issue through the website (which also comes with a free digital copy), or you can opt to purchase just the digital version. On the website, you can also see gear reviews, paddler’s guides and instructional videos so there is plenty to browse and learn.


SUPfm is a weekly podcast that is now in its fifth season. The podcast is dedicated to interviewing a variety of people from the paddleboarding community and has already interviewed the likes of Candice Appleby, Svein Rasmussen and Chris Bertish. If you like books too, then you might enjoy their annual Book Club episode which covers all the paddleboarding-related books that were published in 2021. The podcast is hosted by Simon Hutchinson, an all-season paddler from the UK, who is also a BSUPA instructor and a Hutch SUP Wear brand owner. You can also subscribe the podcast’s newsletter and get a free paddle apps guide too.

As you can see, there are so many ways that you can access and enjoy media related to paddleboarding. Whilst there are lots of media sources out there, these are our top 5 that we recommend beginners to go and look out. Websites, magazines and podcasts can be a great way to learn more about the sport, engage further with the community and benefit from all the knowledge that pr

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