Top 6 Reasons People Pick Up SUP

Many people often prefer picking up activities that suit their various needs, such as family bonding and more. It's hard to think of a better exercise that offers that than stand-up paddleboarding. Whether it's little kids or older adults, SUP is perfect for everyone. Even more, it's easy to learn SUP—you don't have to possess high levels of athleticism. You cannot achieve something for other popular water sports, including wakeboarding, surfing, and more.

Nervous parents fear letting their children go in the water on their own. However, with the advancement of SUP technology, some boards can support two or more people. Therefore, parents can take their kids to the water without worries.

In addition, older people cannot manage strenuous activities. Yet, they need to meet their fitness needs. SUP offers riders the ability to exert manageable amounts of energy.

In this post, we want to discuss the top 6 reasons people puck up SUP:

  1. Numerous Health Benefits

Stand-up paddleboarding is the best activity for all ages. It offers numerous health benefits that other sports don't—and guess what? They go beyond the simple cardio that other sports offer. SUP is a low impact exercise that can benefit people of all ages in various ways, including:

  • It reduces stress and anxiety: Life gives us a share of beautiful and stressful moments. If you're stressed by anything, you can consider stand-up paddleboarding to help ease your anxiety and stress. SUP offers you the best way to reconnect with nature to find peace.
  • It strengthens your core: People prefer SUP because of its core-strengthening benefits. Stand-up paddleboarding helps rehabilitate older people with muscular problems and develop children's muscles.
  • It helps burn extra calories: Paddling at a vigorous intensity or for an extended period helps burn excess calories that necessitate weight loss. SUP is the most effective exercise when it comes to weight loss.
  • It's a perfect entire body workout: Many people wish to work out their entire body but feel intimidated going to the gym. SUP is an enjoyable way of working out their whole bodies for some. SUP strengthens and rehabilitates your full body muscles.
  • It enhances body balance and coordination: SUP helps many people to improve their posture, ease backaches and overall balance.
  1. It's easy to learn to Stand up paddleboarding:

Many people choose paddleboarding because it doesn't require high levels of athleticism to learn it. Often, it takes an hour for anyone to learn paddleboarding—that's all the time anyone needs to become comfortable on a paddleboard. 

Beginners must learn to use a paddle and balance on a SUP board. Fortunately, modern SUP boards make these two skills easy to learn. Also, modern SUP boards have everything riders need to become acquainted with the sport.

If it's easy for kids to learn how to balance and use a paddle, then all family members can too. However, it's essential to consider your family members' weights and skill levels to find the perfect board.

  1. ISUPs are lightweight and easy to carry

Stand-up paddleboarding is a sport you can do from anywhere as long as there's a water body available. Even more important, modern SUP boards like the inflatable ones are lightweight and easy to carry. That means you can work out your entire body to meet your fitness needs, regardless of where you are.

Inflatable boards beat fiberglass SUP when moving from one place to the next. You require expensive cases, board racks on your car, or airline fees to transport rigid boards to various preferred destinations.

Traveling with your iSUPs is affordable and less stressful. You have to deflate your inflatable board and put it in your travel backpack to carry it easily. Also, it takes 15 minutes to inflate the board to start using it entirely.

  1. It provides versatility that suits various interests

SUP is a versatile sport that offers multiple benefits that suits everyone's needs. Whether your kids want to ride some waves, or you want to relax and have fun on the water in the afternoon, SUP offers more than that!

With SUP, you can perform relaxing yoga, kayak races, and more because of its unmatched versatility. Modern boards are made from military-grade materials that suit different types of exercises and fun activities:

  • Users can easily convert iSUPs into kayaks for cruising, racing, fishing, leisure, and more.
  • Modern boards with soft deck pads can be used as yoga mats while on the water, enabling you to perform yoga efficiently.
  • Carrying rob holders and other fishing gear lets you fish in shallow spots that boats can't reach.
  • You can also use it as a mini boat to go snorkeling and more creative activities on water
  1. Stand up paddleboarding is perfect for anybody water

It's normal for beginner paddleboarders to feel scared at the thought of paddling in oceans or intercostal regions. Don't worry, though—small ponds and calm lakes are excellent spots for beginners to learn and sharpen their skills. You won't experience the pressure of riptides, waves, and more.

What's more, you don't have to travel far to find calm and favorite spots to experience the benefits of paddleboarding. Regardless of where you're living in the US, there's always an excellent spot for your SUP boarding.

  1. SUP is universal

When people look for favorite sporting activities, their top consideration is often how universal the sport is. SUP is one such game that's universal—it doesn't discriminate based on age or skill level. People of all ages can experience the numerous benefits of stand-up paddleboarding. Kids, adults, and the elderly find the sport easy to pick up.

Modern boards come with various designs and accessories, enabling riders to find a perfect board that can suit their age, riding needs, and skill level.

Also, the introduction of accessories in modern Stand up paddle boarding makes it easy to use and carry SUP boards.


Stand-up paddleboarding is one of the fastest-growing sport in the world right now. Many people choose to pick up SUP because of versatility, ease of learning, health benefits, and more. However, to realize SUP's advantages, choosing the perfect SUP board for your needs is necessary.



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