How To Choose A SUP As A Beginner?

So, you’re becoming interested in stand-up paddleboarding after trying a friend's board or had your first paddling experience from your last vacation and looking to buy your first board, but where do you start?  Is there a stand up paddle board buyers guide? You may have questions like what types of SUP shapes are there and does it matter which one you get?


The answer is yes it matters! While they may look similar, different SUP sizes are tailor-made for different kinds of riders. Some boards might be stable and great for beginners but not offer the speed and maneuverability that an experienced paddler is looking for. Some boards geared towards experienced paddleboarders won’t be stable enough for new SUP enthusiasts who are just trying to “dip their feet in the water” with the sport.

What matters when choosing the right paddleboard?

When it comes to choosing a SUP for the first time, it can be confusing and don't know how to pick the right one. The first thing one can do is figure out how you would like to use the board? Are you using it to do short cruising trips, long distance touring, yoga, fishing, or more foucs on practicing speed and fitness?
What kind water body you would like to explore? How much storage space you would need, are you going to bring a pet or a child,etc. All that will influence your decisions. 

As a beginner paddleboarder, choosing a board that doesn’t match up with your skill level and goals can ruin the fun of the hobby. The most important is to pick the right size for your purposes. Generally, the wider the board is, the more stable it is.  If your board is too narrow for you and you just fall off over and over again, it will be difficult to continue to grow interest in the sport, much less love the new hobby. On the other hand, if you are experienced paddler who are looking to get more speed and want to paddle for fitness, then it would not be fun to have a board that is slow, because the extra width.

What are the different types of SUPs?

Beginner All-Purpose Board

The beginner paddleboard shape is exactly what it sounds like, it’s for beginners! This board is shorter and wider than the others, at 10’6” in length and 31''-33'' in width. This size makes it the most stable option for SUP beginners to help keep you on the board through flat or rough water. Additionally, the nose of a beginner paddleboard is rounded and blunt instead of narrow and sharp, which helps make your paddleboarding smooth and easily controllable.

This beginner paddleboard is what’s known as a “cruising” or "all-purpose" board, because it’s best for a low-stress cruise on flat water. You won’t have to worry as much about tipping over or falling off. 

Additionally, the all-purpose SUP comes with dual cargo straps so you can take anything you need with you. These straps let you tie a waterproof backpack or bag to the front or back of your board. This could help you haul anything from a picnic lunch for a day out to even a tent for a multi-day extreme paddleboarding adventure. 


The touring board is a perfect option for paddleboarders who know what they’re doing but are more concerned with stability and comfortability on the board than they are about achieving the fastest possible speed for races. This board is 11’6” long and 33'' wide, it is great for going long distance with good stability and more storage space.

If you’re not sure which paddleboard to get at first, you can’t go wrong with the touring board. It provides a good foundation for a beginner or intermediate paddleboarder but still has great length to width ratio that makes it a very viable option for different purposes, such as fishing, yoga, or touring. If you plan on adding a child or a pet, this is a great SUP that will fit you well, as it has great weight capacity and stable enough to keep them dry. It will bring you many great memories.


A pro paddleboard is more difficult to ride, but it pays for it with the best possible speed and handling. SurfStar’s racing board comes in at 12’6” long and 30'' wide and is the thinnest of all the paddleboard options, so it cuts through the water well. Additionally, the front of this paddleboard is tapered and sharp, which makes it as aerodynamic as possible. This board also has a bungee strap system on the front so you can still carry a bag with you when you paddleboarding, which makes it still an option for those who focuses more on speed. 

This board should be your go-to if you’re interested in racing and getting as much speed as possible out of your SUP. To top off all the other great features, this racing board has a perfectly textured anti-slip EVA deck to ensure that you stay on your board. The racing SUP has been designed by experts with years of experience in watersports, and they’ve really outdone themselves with this one.

In conclusion

Whether you’re a brand-new SUP beginner, a casual intermediate paddleboarder who enjoys touring, or an experienced pro looking to practice paddling speed, SurfStar has the right paddleboard for you. In addition to a the paddleboard, you’ll get all the accessories you need, including an air pump, safety leash, paddle, backpack, and more. All products are covered with 1-year warranty, our customer service will answer any order questions within 1 business day, feel welcome to connect with us!


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