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Steve's story with SUP 

Quality Stand Up Paddle Board

Steve is an experienced SUP-er, looking fit for his age, and a happy man in Alaska!  #sup #stayfit  #happy #relaxing #paddler



We are quite inspired after seeing Steve's picture, so we did an interview with him and find out his story with this sport. 


Q 1 : When was your first time heard about SUP, and how did you pick it up?


I didn't even know what standup paddling until I went surfing in Hawaii 10 years ago. 



Q 2 :  Very nice! I think a lot people had their first experience on vacation. Why did you fall in love with it after trying? what is it that draw you into the sport so much? 


I've always enjoyed canoeing and kayaking. When I first started to sup, I really liked how well you could see into the water. It gave me a much clearer view of what's under water, and a better connection to nature.  It was great for my balance.

I was already a kayaker and I was hooked as soon as I tried it. I bought my first board as soon as I got home from that trip!



Q 3: Very nice. Connecting to nature always make you feel good. I see a lot of your photos are taking in icy or snowy environment while doing SUP, are you not scared of the cold like other people?


I paddle all year round in Alaska. We have snow from the end of October until May. In the summer, I like to spend as much time as I can paddling out with the icebergs in the Valdez Glacier Lake. I'll be guiding sup tours there this summer with Alaska Guide Co. With good gear, winter paddling is amazing.



Q 4 : Excuse me for asking, but, how old are you, you seems very fit compared to other people of your age, what is the secret, does SUP helps?


I'm 55. Paddling is my gym workout. I'm not into weight rooms. SUP is very low impact and is incredibly good for your core muscles.



Q 5 : That sounds amazing! What's the difference about summer paddling and winter paddling in your experience, since we now mentioning both?  What's it like to live in Alaska? You seem to be happier and more active compared to other 55 year-old, does living in Alaska away from urban cities helps? 


In summer, it's obviously warmer and a great time to paddle, but there are sometimes crowds. In winter, there is far less boat traffic and hardly anyone out on the water. Our glacier fed ocean water also gets crystal clear when the river are frozen during winter.
Alaska isn't for everyone, but if you enjoy adventure and nature, it's a great place to be. Our lifestyle tends to be more stress free than city people's.
Paddle-boarding is the best all around physical exercise I have found. It has made me very fit and has been a great family activity. The SUP lifestyle has a life changer.


That would be the end of our interview! We are looking forward to meet more people like Steve and learn about their interesting experience with SUP.