Q: Is it one or two boards?    

A: One board. The image shows the front and back of the board.


Q: Does this item come with the bungee chords?

A: The bungees are already on the paddle board.


Q: Does it come with a strap to wrap around the board?     

A: Yes, there is a strap with a plastic buckle to wrap the board when it deflated.


Q: How much does it weigh? 

A: 18-19 pounds


Q: How small is it when deflated and packed up?

A: The backpack is about 3 feet tall, 1.5 feet wide and 1 foot thick.


Q: How many layers of material thick is this board, triple layered, double layers?       

A: Double layers


Q: How thick is the material? Not the board. But the material itself.   

A: It it thin, but strong, which makes it so lightweight.


Q: Is this made with one or two layers of pvc? and is it military grade like other boards?  

A: Yes, this is made of 2 layers military grade PVC.


Q: How many seams?    

A: It has one large seam around the perimeter of the board, covered by a thick layer of military grade pvc/abrasion guard.


Q: What is the weight capacity?    

A: Weight Capacity is 260-300 lbs.


Q: What is the max weight limit?  

A: 280 lbs in the user manual, but it can be up to 320 lbs in fact.


Q: Is it sturdy enough to have a dog float on it with the owner?  

A: Yes, it sure is.


Q: Can two people sit or stand on it in water?      

A: These boards are big enough for two people for sure. Two teens have done it successfully.


Q: What is the paddle made of? Aluminum or carbon fiber?       

A: The handle, anti-twist lock and blade are made of plastic. The tubes are aluminum.


Q: Does the paddle float?      

A: Yes, the paddle is made out of plastic and aluminum so it will float.


Q: How long is the paddle?    

A: The paddle is detachable. It's assembled by 3 pieces and can be adjusted from 62.99 inches to 86.61 inches.


Q: How much does the paddle weigh? 

A: It is lightweight. About two pounds.


Q: What length and width is this paddle?     

A: 5-7 fts x 8 inches


Q: How long does it take to blow up?   

A: To 10-15PSI is 5-6min


Q: What psi to inflate?   

A: 15 PSi is recommended.


Q: How long does it take to deflate?     

A: Push pin down and it takes a few minutes to deflate.


Q: How do I deflate this board manually?     

A: Hold the valve down. It will be hard to push at first. Then roll it from the front while someone holds the valve.


Q: Can I use this pump to inflate as bike tire?       

A: No.


Q: Does the pump have a gauge on it? Is that what makes it a dual action pump?       

AAt approximately 3-5 psi, turn the switch on the pump from position 2 (Dual action) to position 1 (Single action) to make for an easier upstroke. The estimated pumping time to full inflation is 5 to 10 minutes.


Q: How are the dimensions of the backpack?       

A: Width 17.7 X Depth 11.8 X Height 37 inches


Q: Is the storage bag waterproof? 

A: The bag is not fully waterproof. It can only handle splashes.


Q: How much does the entire package weight?    

A: 32 lbs


Q: Does the paddle come apart to also fit in the bag? I need to fly with it so need it all in one bag.

A: Yes, it does. You can put all components in one bag.


Q: What are the dimensions of the pack when all gear is loaded in bag?    

A: W 17.7* D11.8* H37 inches


Q: Does the pump and paddle also fit into the pack or do you have to carry those separately?

A: It all fits into the bag. No need to carry it separately.


Q: How are the straps on the bag? I would want to hike 1-2 miles with the board. Doable?  

A: The storage bag is durable. You can trust it for that distance.


Q: What are the removable fin dimensions?

A: About 9-10' deep.


Q: How can I get a replacement fin for this board?       

A: You can contact SurfStar service info@surfstarsup.com


Q: Are all fins removable?      

A: Two side fins are not, but the large fin can be removed.


Q: Will I need a separate detachable river fin if I want to paddle a little shallower river?      

A: The center fin is removable. The two side fins are fixed and much shorter. Removing the center fin will give you better clearance in shallow water. However, you may sacrifice a small amount of maneuverability by removing it.


Q: How does the leash attach to the board?

A: There is a D ring at the end with para cord tied through. Do I just tie the cord to the D ring?  Yes, you can pull the end of the cord through the ring and then bring the Velcro end through the loop.


Q: Where can I get a valve wrench for the board?

A: It has a wrench in repair kit. But do not use the valve wrench for deflation purposes.


Q: Is there any repair kit?      

A: Yes. It includes a repair kit. There are two pieces of pvc patches and a wrench in it.


Q: If I attached it to the top of my car will it catch wind and blow off?

A: You can strap your board to the top of car and drive on the highway at 50mph. Lots of straps and bungees should work well.


Q: Can I transport this on a car roof rack?    

A: Yes you can. However, the perks of having an inflatable paddle board is that you do not need a roof rack. This would fit in the trunk or back seat of a car when deflated.


Q: Do you think this can be carried onto a airplane?   

A: Yes it could. The backpack storage bag is very nice. The total dimension with all gears in is L37*W18*D13, weight is 19 lbs.


Q: What's the warranty period and coverage?      

A: One year


Q: Does the year warranty cover the accessories (such as the pump, paddle, leash)?    

A: Yes, all boards and accessories have one-year warranty.

Shipment How many boxes does it ship in?   One box


Q: How big is the box it is shipped in?   

A: L 37*W 15*H 11 inches, around 3.5 lbs


Q: Can this be used in the ocean? 

A: Yes, you can use this unit to the ocean, sea, or lake.


Q: Can you sit on this in normal clothing and stay dry? Or does water tend to run onto the surface?    

A: Yes, you could easily sit on this and stay dry.