Size And Buying Guide

Believe us, first time SUP is a lot of fun!

We understand it can be a little bit difficult when it is your first time buying an inflatable paddle board. We asked our expert to give you a guide on how to choose a good set for your body size and uses. We hope this can save your from some stress:)


Currently, we offer our fans 3 different sizes of inflatable boards - 10'6'', 11'6'' and 12'6''



Below are size chart for our boards, we will also give you a brief rundown of which board YOU will need, base on your experience with surf board/paddle board and purposes. 


Board Type Size Board Size
(When Rolled Up)
Board Weight lb
(When Deflated)
Board Weight lb
(When Inflated)
Bag Weight lb(With All Accessories) Package Weight lb Weight Capacity  lb



10'6"X33"X6" 9'X35' 18.3 18.74 28.1 31.64 300


(Blue Beginner)

10'6"X33"X6" 9'X35' 18.74 19.18 28.55 32.1 300


(Blue Intermediate) 

11'6"x33"x6" 11'X35' 18.56 19 28.33 31.86 320


(Blue Advanced)

12'6"x30"x6" 13'X33' 18.56 19 28.44 32 300



Accessories inch lb
Main Fin 8.66*9.84*1.3 inch 0.44
Side Fins 8.3*2.6*2.75 inch 0.22
Paddle 63-82.7 inch/
5.2-7 fts
Pump 4.3*9.84*24.8 inch 2.4
Blue Board Bag 37*17.7*11.8 inch 3.53
Green Board Bag 37*17.7*11.8 inch 3.42


We suggest you to buy 

10'6'' board - If you are completely NEW to the sport, with less than 1 year experience.

The reason is simply because the first thing you will need to start with on the board is balance and stability. 10'6'' board is 33'' wide. We designed this board differently than racing board, its round head , comes with 2 side fins, and displacement hull. 


11'6'' board - If you have some experience, a good swimmer that enjoys touring.

It gives you easy maneuverability and speed, meanwhile, not sacrificing lots stability, this one is for you. 


12'6'' board - If you are an advanced surfer/SUP professional, this board is for you.

It comes with a sharp front design and aesthetic body shape, built to cut through water surface and keep traction when in speed racing. It looks great and lift up your competition spirit right away!


We will have more information in our blogs regarding SUP boards, and how to choose one for yourself or tips on riding an inflatable SUP board and more. Please feel welcomed to read more! Let us know if you have more question!