One board. The image shows the front and back of the board.

Yes, the bungees are already on the paddle board.

Yes, there is a strap with a plastic buckle to wrap the board when deflated.

18-19 pounds

The backpack(with all accessories) is about 3 feet tall, 1.5 feet wide and 1 foot thick.

Double layers

It is military grade PVC, very strong, but also makes it lightweight.

It has one large seam around the perimeter of the board, covered by a thick layer of military grade pvc/abrasion guard.

Weight Capacity is 320 lbs+.

320 lbs in the user manual, but it can be 320+ lbs in fact.

Yes, it sure is. Our fans sometimes have 2 pets on it.

These boards are big enough for two people for sure. Two adult male fans have done it successfully(but for safety reason, we recommend 1 person each board)

Quality aluminum. 

Yes, the paddle is made out of plastic(the handle part) and aluminum so it will float.

The paddle is detachable. It's assembled by 3 pieces and can be adjusted from 62.99 inches to 86.61 inches.

It is lightweight. About two pounds.