What Is Stand up Paddleboarding

If you’re an outdoor person or if you happen to know someone who is you’ve probably heard them talk about SUP. You might have wondered what SUP even is, and put simply it’s an abbreviation for Stand Up Paddleboarding. But that probably doesn’t help clarify what exactly they’re talking about other than whatever it is involves standing upright.

This wildly popular sport actually has deep historical roots in Hawaii and Maui where early variations of modern day paddleboarding were first developed as a means of easy travel between islands and around beaches.

That’s where we can help! We’ve taken the time to unpack one of the newest and most popular water sport in recent decade in a simple and straightforward way. We’ll look at 6 keywords that relate to the sport and explore how each of them help to make SUP such an attractive form of recreation. We’ll also make sure to include some Stand Up Paddleboarding tips along the way!


Modern SUP comes from the sport of surfing. Occasionally surfers would carry paddles with them while surfing in deeper waters to help them catch bigger waves. Eventually, the combination of paddles and surfboards broke off from strictly surfing to become its own sport: Stand-Up Paddleboarding. Nowadays SUP has become an international water sport sensation! There are so many ways to enjoy the sport for both casual outdoors adventurers and serious outdoors sports enthusiasts.


Paddles are what you use to get around the flat waters you’ll be exploring. Paddles used in SUP are longer than traditional canoe or kayak paddles and have slanted tear-drop shaped blades. Making sure that you have a proper paddle for Stand Up Paddleboarding will mean that your travels on the water will be hassle free. If you’ve never done SUP before make sure you angle the blade away from you to help increase the power of your stroke. Don’t worry we’ll have future in-depth articles covering proper handling, paddling and general SUP techniques.


The boards in Stand-Up Paddleboarding look similar to surfboards at a quick glance. Upon closer inspection, they’re noticeably larger and flatter than surfing boards. The boards for Stand-Up Paddleboarding also have another unique distinction in that some boards are inflatable! Inflatable boards are great for beginners because they usually cost less and are easily transportable. Stand Up Paddleboards come in many variations and it can be slightly daunting for a beginner to know exactly what to pick out so we’ll be releasing a Beginner’s Buyer Guide soon.


Anyone can get into SUP due to the fact that Stand-Up Paddleboards are used on flat water, calm water, and are inflatable. Inflatable paddle boards are often designed with beginners in mind. Using the boards on calm water means that you don’t need to be near an ocean to enjoy getting out on the boards. At its most basic, once you have a board and a paddle you’re ready to set off! Buying a Stand Up Paddleboarding isn’t as difficult as you’d think, there are many reputable online retailers and some will let you try out the board to see if it’s a good fit for you.


SUP is a great way to exercise your core and work on your stability. From simply standing on the board to rowing, everything you do requires you to engage your core muscles in ways that you can’t when you’re on solid ground. Stand Up Paddle Boarding is great cardio exercise that really burns calories. Taking your exercise outdoors means you don’t have to worry about being in gyms and social situations that might put you at COVID risk. 


Beyond improving your physical health, Stand-Up Paddleboarding provides you with an opportunity to see the world around you in new and exciting ways. Traversing lakes, and coastlines becomes simple fun that allow you see places you would otherwise not have been able to see. Simply put, if you can find a body of calm water you’ll have found a new place to Stand Up Paddle Board. Beyond being able to explore new scenery you’ll also be set to take amazing photos while you’re out and about on the water and share your Stand Up Paddle Boarding adventures with everyone even if they don’t come out with you.

Hopefully, we’ve helped you understand what has made Standup Paddleboarding one of the fastest growing water sports of late. We love sharing Stand Up Paddle boarding news, tips, and insights and we’re planning on releasing a follow up post about how to pick out your first Stand Up Paddleboarding. Be sure to stick around for more SUP related articles and posts! We’re passionate about SUP and we want to share what we love with as many people as possible. Be safe, have fun, and paddle on!




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