How To Find A Stand Up Paddleboarding Community As A Beginner In 2022?

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a bit of a curiosity for the majority of people, and for many, this is enough to convince them to give it a chance. Some see it as a new sport to dominate, while others see it as a new activity to simply explore. But regardless of your motivation for participating in this enjoyable activity, everyone benefits in some way.

Most people get on a paddle board for the first time while on vacation trips, but it’s the fun that make them want to get into it. SUPing is a fantastic sport to participate in. Learning to stand up paddle board has the potential to help you on a personal level in addition to spending time with friends and family in a new way.

It’s more fun when you share this excitement with others who also enjoy the sport. SUPing with folks who have a common interest as you, allows you to share an experience that cannot be mimicked on land, in addition to getting a terrific group workout. The sense of adventure, freedom and exhilaration, as well as the friendship and relationships that bind you and your group together, are priceless! It is a portable party!

Being part of a paddle board community helps boost your confidence, makes paddle boarding a lot more exciting, you’d also be more committed to an SUP routine when you’re part of a group that motivates and support you regularly.


Introduction To Paddle Board Communities

SUP community is where paddle boarding newbies and enthusiasts come together to teach, learn, motivate one another while go on paddle boarding adventures together and much more. Many paddlers for instance, join weekend paddle groups to help improve their health and get some exercise in the beautiful outdoors.

Thanks to the friendly and laid-back paddle board communities around the world, paddle boarding newbies enjoy immense benefits such as acquiring self-confidence and enhanced mental wellbeing by simply participating in this pleasurable and social sport. Being part of a paddle board community also provides beginners with a sense of purpose, an improved perspective, energy, and happiness. This, in itself is precious and wonderful, as to how something as basic as a paddle group in a social setting may improve the quality of life and lead to new opportunities.

So, if you can identify as a “previously untrained individual, or paddle boarding newbie” joining a paddle board community could be a terrific approach for you to get active and be good at it; while enjoying benefits like decreasing weight, increasing self-confidence, improving balance, or simply having a more active social life. Paddling is not only good for your health and fitness, but it also makes it simpler to meet new people, especially residents in your local area, or other states as well. And what better way to meet people with the same interest as yours, if not by joining a vibrant paddle boarding community.

As a beginner, how then do you find a paddle board community? Well, here’s how.


How to Find a Paddle Board Community as a Beginner

Paddle board communities have become increasingly popular over the years, and there are tons of groups all over the world. Paddle board communities are not just for beginners, anyone can join! All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  • The internet for starters, is a basic tool that almost everyone has access to nowadays. A quick google search for instance, would reveal all the paddle boarding communities in your locality. Here, you can go through their pages, find out how they operate, and pick out a community that suits you.


  • Social media is another aspect. There are tons of paddle boarding communities on apps such as Facebook. Here, you can find groups that spark up your interest, and fun communities you can join. You can even engage in conversations, make friends, and discover new SUP trends.


  • Reading blogs online is another way. You can read publications that talk about paddle board communities and how to join them. Some blogs are even published by the communities themselves. This way, you can go through their practices, sign up requirements, ask questions, and even send a membership request.


  • Another way to find a paddle board community as a beginner is by talking with friends and those around you who are already doing it. If you know any seasoned paddle boarder, you can easily ask them for help. Seeking advice and assistance from brands is also a terrific idea. You can reach out to paddle board dealers around you, as they are most likely to know of any paddle board community in the area (some brands even have a community of their own).

By reaching out to friends, rental shops, talking to brands, reading blogs, and utilizing the internet, you’d find a paddle board community that sparks up your interest in no time!


It is important to note however, that there are many paddle board communities out there, so it would be best to go through several before making your pick. They all have their perks, as well as certain rules and regulations that must be adhered to. Some communities even require members to pay a subscription fee. You should pay attention to all of these things, before joining a community. 

So, how do I pick a community that suits me best?

Well, let’s say you’d like to try out some SUP yoga. Some communities are formed basically for those seeking to explore the workout benefits of paddle boarding, and this would be the perfect place for you. By carrying out adequate research on a community, and asking relevant questions, you’d be able to decide if joining that community is what’s best for you, or if you should look somewhere else.

Another question that may come across your mind is: I’m already part of a paddle board community, can I join another? Or, how many paddle board communities can I join?

As mentioned earlier, every paddle community is different, and they all have their distinct ways of doing things. It wouldn’t hurt to try out some and get a feel of the people in the group.  In the end, it all comes down to your preference, and what you’d like to gain by joining this community. If you find two communities that offer amazing benefits you can participate in actively, without messing up your schedule, then go for it!


In conclusion

When you are part of a paddle boarding community, no matter which direction you take, it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll always have a great time. If you’re new to paddling, you might also want to build some skills before heading out on your own, which is a much safer option. And a great way to gain independence on the waterways and all the teachings and support you need is by joining a community. Take a look at what paddle boarding communities around you entail and find one that suits your needs best.




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